Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Shop Drawing: CAD Shop Drawing and Fabrication Shop Drawing Services In Canada

Shop Drawing Canada caters to your requirements with the best of services when it comes to generating shop drawings. Our CAD services reach you in the form of precise and timely dispatched shop drawings.

While an architectural drawing is used to read spatial configuration and aesthetic appeal of buildings, a structural drawing is used to understand the structure, a shop drawing has a completely different function of execution, installation or fabrication.

A shop drawing is supplementary to a construction document. It is the drawn version of information that the construction document reflects. A shop drawing is produced by the contractor, supplier, fabricator or manufacturer to explain the fabrication of the items to the manufacturer’s production team or contractor’s installation team.

This essential drawing for the construction industries and pre-fabricated components includes detailed construction and fabrication drawings with accurate shape, size and assembly details of the various parts of the units.

Given below is an exhaustive list of shop drawings that we are capable of producing:

Fabrication Shop Drawing
(Drawing detailing out the Fabrication assembly of elevators, structural steel, trusses, pre-cast members of structure, trusses, windows, doors, appliances, cabinets, air handling units, millwork, etc.)

3D Shop Drawing
(Drawing would include 3D modelling to explain fabrication and installation details of various components)

None can match the caliber and dedication of Steel Structural Detailing team of draftsmen and engineers when it comes to providing precise and informative Shop Drawing. We are also well versed with producing shop drawing for Steel Structural Drafting, Structural Steel Detailing, CAD Steel Detailing and AutoCAD Structural Detailing. We produce our shop drawings using the AutoCAD software in the DWG format.

Your initial drawings sent to us would be delivered back as a set of professionally drawn shop drawings. Assurance of elaborate shop drawings in accordance to your architectural or structural drawing is guaranteed. If you are interested in our services, kindly contact us  at http://www.structuraldraftingindia.com/contact_us.php via email at : info@structuraldraftingindia.com